As part of financial literacy at 瑞吉斯大学, we want to help you take the time to make a budget, 了解你的信用,如果你选择贷款来支付大学费用, 只借你需要的东西. Once you graduate, we also want you to know your loan repayment options.

Things to Consider When Budgeting for School

需要对. 希望

When you’re creating your budget you should consider things like “needs vs. 希望.” Each of us has some common things that we require or need to live. Examples of basic needs include food, water and shelter. 对于很多学生来说, those needs may be different at different times in our life, 比如im电竞平台专业电竞退休的时候, 失去一份工作, get a divorce or get sick and can’t work. Besides basic needs, you have other things that you use and buy. 它们往往是你想要的东西,但如果你没有钱买它们,也可以没有它们. 比如外出就餐、修指甲、买辆新自行车或买名牌衣服. Although an item may be a need, it’s still important to budget. For example, a student may need a computer to get school work done. 


im电竞平台专业电竞要说的是:有时候里吉斯大学可能不是最经济的选择! 然而,里吉斯可能会提供比其他学校更好的项目,成本可能会稍微低一些. Does the program, flexibility and location make Regis the best option? 它肯定可以! 一定要做些调查,看看你的学位的直接和“间接”成本. Are online or classroom-based courses right for you? Are classroom or online courses less expensive? Even if classroom-based courses are less expensive, if you can take online classes as part of your program, 你可以减少交通费用,或者找一份兼职或全职工作,让你可以灵活地选择何时何地完成你的课程,并为你的教育赚钱.


债务管理的一部分是决定你能在教育上花多少钱,以及根据你未来的薪水你应该借多少钱. 对于一个医学院的学生来说,借20万美元的学生贷款可能是有意义的. 它甚至可能是必要的. But that loan debt will not make sense for every student in every program. Even a fraction of that may be too much for some students. im电竞平台专业电竞鼓励您在网上做一些研究,以找到基于您的项目的平均工资.


Everyone should create and follow a budget. 网上有很棒的预算计算器(搜索预算计算器,你会发现相当多), but here are a few easy steps:

  1. 组织: Write down all of your expenses and all of your income and savings.
  2. 跟踪: 对每件事都做一个详细的记录(即使是你花钱买的小东西.)
  3. 分析: 是什么工作? 什么不工作? What items are you spending money on that may not be necessary?
  4. 反应: 如果你的支出超过收入,想出一个计划,这样你就能回到正轨.
  5. 点评: Review your budget monthly, especially if your income can vary.

学生们在考虑上大学的预算时,还有其他项目要考虑. 看看这些事情:

Where You Plan to Attend School
The cost of living is different depending on the city your school is in. If you are planning to move to Denver for graduate school, you should research the cost of housing (renting or owning a home). If you are going to school here in Denver and flying home on breaks, think about how much a plane ticket costs and plan accordingly.

The Amount of 金融援助 Your School Can Offer
所有完成联邦学生援助免费申请的学生通常都有资格获得学生贷款. 你也可以研究一下其他形式的资助,比如奖学金、助学金和勤工俭学. 你可以 find information based on your program on the 帮助页面的类型.

The Price of the School You Plan to Attend
学费越贵,你就越有可能不得不借钱. 你可浏览im电竞平台专业电竞的 学费和费用页面 to look at the cost of your program.

Your Expected Graduation Date
你应该考虑完成你的计划所需要的时间. For many undergraduate students, that’s 4 years. But, will you need a 5th year? 适用于研究生或全职工作但在网上或晚上上课的学生, the length of time it takes you to complete your program may vary. 想想你需要多少个学期或几年才能完成你的课程,你要明白,一个学期或一年的课程成本应该乘起来,以了解你需要什么.


你的信用评分和信用记录会对你的生活产生很大影响,比如你将来支付费用或购买大宗商品的能力. Some student loans are based on credit, and once you borrow your student loans, repaying them on time and in full is crucial to maintaining good credit. 

Your student loans do have an impact on your credit. 学生 loans are reported to the credit-reporting agency. Until these loans go into repayment, their status is “open/in good standing.” Once you go into repayment on your loans, your monthly payment and duration are reported to the credit agency.  

Before you decide to borrow money for any purchase, including borrowing money for college, we believe it’s a great habit to review your credit history. 你可以 申请一份免费的信用报告 每年.


Debt and Borrowing Money Resources

We have great information on loan options for all students listing on our 帮助页面的类型.  

在你选择贷款之前,im电竞平台专业电竞认为复习一下贷款偿还计算器很重要. 你可以指出你已经借了多少钱,或者你打算借多少钱,以回顾你最终的月供 来访的热门产品.政府. If the monthly payment looks like it’s too much, you’ll want to take a step back before moving forward. What’s your average salary for your program? Do you need to borrow as much as you think? 你检查过你的预算了吗?考虑过你所有的收入和储蓄选择了吗? 

Sometimes, the math doesn’t work out. 你可能需要暂停一下,决定是否上学是正确的选择,或者你的课程是否在其他机构提供,可能会使它在财务上更易于管理. You may not always enjoy repaying your student loans, but we want you to feel prepared for those payments once you graduate.

It’s important to understand the loans you’re borrowing, 限制你的借款数量,在你毕业时审查所有不同的贷款偿还选择.

大多数联邦学生贷款将在你毕业或中途停止入学后6个月偿还(即使你还没有毕业). Federal loans also offer a variety of different 还款计划.

Look through all of your options. 仅仅因为你用一种还款计划开始还款并不意味着你不能在以后换一种更适合你的还款计划. 你会想要与贷款服务人员一起讨论你的所有选择和改变付款计划的步骤. If you don’t know who your loan servicer is, you’ll want to log onto the National 学生 Loan Database System (NSLDS).

When you are enrolled in college at least half-time, 你过去的学生贷款和你目前正在接受的贷款将进入“在校延期”状态. This means you do not have to pay on them. 然而,有些贷款会继续产生利息. Consider paying on the interest while you go. This will save you money in the long run! 您的注册将在您的课程添加/删除日期通过后向国家票据交换所报告. 如果你注册至少一半的时间和你的贷款服务要求付款, you can contact them and get what is called an In-School Deferment Form. im电竞平台专业电竞的记录和注册办公室可以填写此表格来确认注册.

宽限还可以让你暂时停止偿还学生贷款. However, this is slightly different from the In-School Deferment. There are two types of Forbearances: General and Mandatory. 学生通常会因为经济困难而申请一般宽容, 医疗费用, change in employment and other reasons. 一般宽限适用于直接贷款,费尔计划贷款和珀金斯贷款. Mandatory Forbearance has a lot more eligibility requirements.

你可以 查阅强制性宽免、一般宽免及延期付款的更多资料.

Delinquency happens the first day you miss a loan payment. 你必须支付错过的付款,并继续按时支付所有其他付款,不再拖欠你的贷款. 逾期90天后,你的贷款服务机构将向三大主要的信用报告机构报告你的欠款. This will negatively impact your credit score and history!

违约发生在你继续拖欠学生贷款的时候. 你的贷款是否被认为是违约取决于贷款的类型. 你可以 find additional information about delinquency and default.

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